Take a Walk With Me

This year has been a year like none-other.  I am sure that most while in strict restrictions of isolation had a lot of time to think about things, what matters and what is important. Our families, our friends can never be replaced.  It is with this sincere thought, to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving – I am very thankful for you!

A walk in nature….. this week while on a walk (gyms are closed), I thought about Thanksgiving and how I would like to share on how you could create things we see around us, things that are beautiful, free and growing – why not bring inside?!

Every year (except this one), I’ve been asked to design a beautiful table for a charity event in Connecticut.  We designers had to come up with our own creative themes. As expected, this year it was cancelled, so I decided to create one for our Thanksgiving table.

This is the process – go for a walk, collect branches, fern, wood, moss, leaves of all sizes and colors.  In Colorado you would have more yellow and orange. New York, Maine, and Minnesota more red and green with vibrant colors, California and Oregon you would have flowers from your garden to mix in with the already abundance of the above.

Take the clippers (that is easier than breaking the branch), go on the walk or in your own back yard and make your selections of pine, leather leaf, flowers, moss, pine, branches, and leaves – then you bring them in and give them a good rinse, (you do not want any unexpected pests at your table).  Then simply lay each branch, and fill in with each different selection. 

Once the washing is done, now it is time to arrange. I take all the leaves off to expose only the stems in the water of the vase. Cut all stems the same length.

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