Designing the Senses

Working nationally to create charming and sophisticated spaces – Live a well-designed life. Designing the Senses is about the well-designed life; awakening the senses and creating beauty through sight, sound, taste, aroma and touch.

{SIGHT} Designing a Couture Line for a Movie Character

Designing Belle’s couture line for the movie “The Farmer and the Belle” Design has many avenues for creative people and extends in many directions – with me – I dabble in fashion, interior, and other creative outlets that are similar in nature.  I suppose  I see and dream in color and in style.  Furniture and…

{SIGHT} VIDEO The Design of a Movie Set

I recently designed a movie set for a film being shot for the Hallmark Channel called “The Farmer and the Belle”. I was honored that the creative team of the movie selected me, my company and custom made furniture designs for this movie shoot.

Re-design for Sale | Elite NYC Apartment

This Upper East Side elite residence has been one of the most prominent locations to have a Pied-aTerres and/or part time luxury living experience in New York City. We had a great time renovating this space for sale and designing the rooms within 1 month from start to finish. We wanted to share this beautiful…

{SIGHT} VIDEO: RE-designing NYC apartment for sale

New York City apartment refresh and re-design for sale. Check out my before and after video to see what an incredible difference it makes. My motto: design, inspire, SELL. Wishing you a beautifully designed day! Love, Cindy Montgomery

{Sight} Colours of Fall

I couldn’t resist jumping into this big pile of leaves – brings back memories of youth, being wild and free. Recently we fell back into the Fall season, welcoming brilliance of colour tantalizing our visual palette of orange, yellow, red and green.  Don’t you wish everything could be so perfect and vivid? When I dream,…