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Recently, I was asked to design a movie set for a film being shot for the Hallmark Channel called “The Farmer and the Belle”. I was honored that the creative team of the movie selected me, my company and custom made furniture designs for this movie shoot.

Since most of the filming would take place in Tennessee – my job was to create the look of a NYC apartment from a loft warehouse in Tennessee!

I worked with my custom manufacturing company in North Carolina to design what I felt would pop in color and design for a NYC apartment on film. We are happy to share this process with you and invite you to see inside the making of a movie set.

Video of the process!

Belle’s Apartment 

New York City apartments are fun to design!  I lived in New York City for over four years before moving to the Hamptons.  I identified with how Belle might live in the city.

So as my vision came to life for Belle I considered how a single NYC model would live in such an amazing fast paced city as New York.  Since Belle was considered a successful model that would mean that she would have the nicest, chic furnishings to fill a large NYC apartment – vibrant and colorful, yet sophisticated.

The next step was to determine the color tones of the space  that would pop on screen –  Starting from a clean palette of white we decided to design a sofa, two matching chairs and large ottoman for the main living room area and additional two chairs (swivel) in lime green that would  bring a stunning touch of color to compliment  both seating areas in focus of the camera.  Once the  furniture and artwork was in place, I believe Belle’s character came to a colorful life.

The Challenge:  “Mimic/create a NYC Loft Apartment outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee” 

Once we had location I started to work on the visual design and planning.

Cindy and Tanner/working on the movie shoot designs in High Point, North Carolina, at Carolina Custom Leather Company’s showroom.
A peek inside: an Artisan Manufacturing Company located in Conover, North Carolina

100% American made, solid hardwood frames, eight way hand-tied construction, the finest hand-crafted furniture manufacturing company that has proved time and time again their quality, workmanship to me and my clients needs – always performing in our sometimes tight schedules.

Transitional, Clean and Inspiring was our vision for the NYC Apartment look.
Following my vision, drawings and ultimately Carolina Custom Leather brought to life my specifications to exceeding expectations. 

Cleaning and Prep Day

Cleaning and preparing the space.

Delivery / Install Day

Custom furniture arrival. Cargo—Freight- Shipping Company/Sullivan-Design-Services-LLC
“A White Glove Shipping Company” out of Atlanta, GA and High Point, NC

Directing and maybe a little “bossing around”

It’s all in the details

The custom furniture turned out perfect for the space – simple elegance – and definitely transformed to look like a NYC apartment.

Special Thanks to our Artist Lynette Melnyk – a talented and very creative artist who beautifully captured my vision of color and movement for Belle’s Apartment.  

Lynette painted masterpieces of contemporary inspiration of soft calming tones along with vibrant and rich blues and greens – we couldn’t be happier with the final look.

Actual shoot on location at “Belle’s Apartment”  during the movie

Synopsis : Sparks fly between a famous model and a farmer with a young daughter when she visits her childhood home. The town is in danger of losing their beloved Santaland festival, but miracles can happen with a little love, family, and faith.

The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland” is a Christmas family tradition in the making. This award-winning inspirational, family comedy stars Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon, My Daddy Is In Heaven), and Jim E. Chandler (Stranger Things, MacGyver); and co-stars Corbin Bernsen (Major League, Psyche), John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville), Robert Amaya (Courageous, Mom’s Night Out), Natasha Bure (Fuller House, Home Sweet Home), Sandra Ellis Lafferty (Walk the Line, Hunger Games), Henry Cho (McHale’s Navy, Saving Faith), Roxzane T. Mims (Greenleaf, Good Lord Bird), Delilah (I Can Only Imagine, The Star), and singing sensation Beckah Shae; with young talents Livi Birch (Tulsa, The Resident), Benji Russel, and introducing Adele Chandler. Directed by award-winning Wes Llewellyn.
Every girl needs a banana milkshake after designing on a hot spring day!

Montgomery Lane is into all things design!  I love making and finding Artisans who create 
and support the USA in manufacturing, of all materials and sustainable products, Made in the U.S.A.

“Wishing you a well designed Day!”

-Cindy Montgomery-

Feel free to view our online store or design studio at www.studioMstore.com and or our website at www.montgomerylane.com cell: 212.920.0859    cindy@montgomerylane.com

Special thanks!

Sullivan Design Services | Jason Sullivan – 770.508.5841 | Deidre Denner – 404.579.6567 | info@sullivandesignservicesllc.com

We anticipate the joy this movie will bring to many families and friends for years to come.

See you at the Online Premiere! November 29th at 7:30 pm EST 

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