{SIGHT} Designing a Couture Line for a Movie Character

Designing Belle’s couture line for the movie “The Farmer and the Belle” Design has many avenues for creative people and extends in many directions – with me – I dabble in fashion, interior, and other creative outlets that are similar in nature.  I suppose  I see and dream in color and in style.  Furniture and…

{SIGHT} VIDEO The Design of a Movie Set

I recently designed a movie set for a film being shot for the Hallmark Channel called “The Farmer and the Belle”. I was honored that the creative team of the movie selected me, my company and custom made furniture designs for this movie shoot.

{SIGHT} VIDEO: RE-designing NYC apartment for sale

New York City apartment refresh and re-design for sale. Check out my before and after video to see what an incredible difference it makes. My motto: design, inspire, SELL. Wishing you a beautifully designed day! Love, Cindy Montgomery

{Taste} Cindy’s Chimichangas

Recipe: 1 chuck roast – slow-cooked until it can be easily shredded with a fork. You can bake with a little water, slow cook or boil – shred the meat and take off all fat. Chuck roast has a lot of flavor and can be very lean if fat is extracted prior to shredding. sauté…

Psychology of Interior Spaces

  People don’t realize how much of an effect their interior environments have on their everyday lives. When I design, I like to take into consideration the basic aspects of the person who lives or works within the space.   The experience of personal space transformation goes beyond simply reflecting a sense of personal style…

{Taste} Designing a Summer Salad

SOUTHWESTERN SALAD WITH HONEY-LIME DRESSING SALAD 1 head of romaine lettuce, coarsely chopped 2 finely chopped green onions 2 ears of fresh corn – husked, cooked/grilled, cut off the cob 1-2 C. halved cherry tomatoes (any variety) 1-2 avocados – sliced for garnish or incorporate into salad 1/2 C. Jalapeños, chopped finely (optional) 1 C….