{SIGHT} Designing a Couture Line for a Movie Character

Designing Belle’s couture line for the movie “The Farmer and the Belle”

Design has many avenues for creative people and extends in many directions – with me – I dabble in fashion, interior, and other creative outlets that are similar in nature.  I suppose  I see and dream in color and in style. 

Furniture and fashion design has the same concept – style, fabric (color and size), cut and seam to a finished product.

Belle’s Couture Line

 Learning about the character of “Belle.” When I design, I have to know who I am designing for, (the character),  their lifestyle, how I envision the look, the style, then I become that character in my mind and create.

A little about the character of “Belle” – She would be a woman who had a successful modeling career out of New York City but after receiving an unwelcome event from her boss, she was faced with some shattering realization that her looks was fleeting – Belle  took a leave of absence to “find herself” and ventured to a place familiar to her soul / memories of a time less stressful in her past where she is in search of something very special that changes her life in more ways than one.

Belle eventually found her inner beauty and as this movie unfolds, there is a peaceful, special message for all young and old to understand that beauty is not only found on the exterior but on the heart and how God see’s each of us, our inner beauty that waits for us all.   

Worksheet  The Design of a Movie Character – Couture Line 

– “You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl”

  • First we developed a plan a “story board” of ideas / drawings / style of what I envisioned Belle would dress like as a New York City Model
  • Scene: Flight from New York City to a Pig Farm in Tennessee
  • Cape – flowing 
  • Skirt – low on hips – not too short not too long
  • Body suit turtleneck – punch of color
  • Vest that would also be for the holiday fun and adventure / colorful 
  • Scene: Dress – for an evening country dance that would be from the actors (late wife’s) closet that Belle was to borrow
  • Accessories – Chanel (vintage)
  • Boots (black) modest strong heel

 Off to the fabric store!

SELECTION DAY!  I went to the famous BJ Fabrics in the Fashion District in NYC and pulled all the choices for each category. Then I took them to to the actress and seamstress to make final selections.

Okay good to go – approval from the producer!

Scene: Belle’s (borrowed dress) – to attend a barn dance/party. Looking for fabric for the dress / cape choice  in hand – white or cream – we chose the cream.

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