Living on the Lake

When marketing a home for sale (especially one on a Minnesota lake), it is crucial to bring out what Minnesota is all about!  With more than 10,000 lakes to boast of, there is plenty of room to show off what you love.

Lake Harriet, Calhoun, or Lake of the Isles for instance may be a little more like an Ernest Hemmingway design approach with stately mansions and traditional and craftsman style homes.  With lots of character and charm, I’d use rich brown leather sofas with dark rough-hewn sofa tables with a large sailboat atop.  I would use the soft tones of yellow and rust to accent that type of home.

For Lake Minnetonka and larger lakes in the suburbs I would use more navy and cream with red (more nautical influence).  I would use some soft contemporary blends of furnishings (depending on the style of the home).  The smaller lakes in the country I’d use some rustic colors of rust and certain tones of green and browns (mimicking a fishing den for example).

When I design properties on the lake, I try to reflect a tranquil environment.  Think colors of the lake: blue tones and then reflecting into rust, reds, yellows, navies and creams create the desired effects in lake living designs.  I sometimes make our homes a bit more personalized depending on the family I am designing for.  For example, it may be boating, sailing or fishing but all cases can benefit from showing off their love for the water.

Most of my growing up years included living on or near water.  My sisters and brother would round up a few neighbor kids and we’d venture off and build forts, fish and explore the banks of northern California lakes, oceans, streams and creeks.

Currently living on Lake Minnetonka and designing homes all over the state on lakes, I have come to realize that lake living in Minnesota is absolutely the best life has to offer!  Not only are Minnesotans adventurers, I cannot believe how the weather does not affect them!  Snowmobiles racing across iced-over lakes, ice fishermen dragging trailers, little houses and even paint buckets to do the trick while they sit in sub-zero temperature and wait for that hungry fish to bite! Minnesotans truly amazing people – nothing stops them!!

Recently I had the opportunity to drive on the lake to view a home that was on Big Island– I couldn’t do it!!  Someone had to pick me up and drive me out there– with the window down and seatbelt off was the rule.

In all cases, go out and enjoy the lakes, streams and creeks that we all love so much and don’t forget to use what you love in design – bring it in and use it!  From bobbers to fishing creels, ropes to masses, boats to oars – go for it!  Designing the senses is what matters.

Give me a call if you struggle with how to put it all together- and in the meantime have fun, and see you on the lake!

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  1. Ted says:

    i am really liking your wordpress blog set up here Cindy.
    Laurie and our family did enjoy the year on Maple Lake, MN. You just couldn’t beat the evenings, sun down; the big orange fireball setting over the lake and trees. The kids splashing below in the water and hearing the excitement over another fish that was caught off the dock, or our paddle boat just beyond the shore. I tell everyone we had more traffic out in front of the property in the water, than our little access road to our residence. You see there was 5 to 7 boats sometimes at the crack of dawn fishing out our gold mine of a nest of fishies. We have moved but the memories will be cherished.

    Ted Williams

  2. DeeDee says:

    Love this blog! So descriptive and beautiful,,,,I especially liked the Big Island comment 🙂 We had a place on the Island and my fears of the winter drives kept me away. We even tried a hovercraft to get there, that scared me too! Brings back memories of all sorts,,,,thanks for another great blog!

    Minnetonka, MN

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